Thursday, August 21, 2014

Creative Home Décor: Polymer Clay Transforms Air Fresheners into Artful Accessories

My first post on my new blog! Welcome, everybody, and my sincere thanks to Ilysa Ginsburg of Polymer Clay Productions for her expert help with getting me started.

As some of you know, my husband and I moved in 2012 from Tennessee to Florida. Selling our home was quite an ordeal--one that really convinced me (the owner of 3 dogs) of the value of a good air freshener! I like the solid ones that come in a plastic tub: they’re cheap and they work well. But they’re so ugly! Ever since then I’ve been hiding them behind things all over the house. Finally I discovered that the answer (as to so many of life’s problems) is polymer clay.

I used part of my stockpile of scrap clay to create these sleeves that just slip over the plastic tubs. It was easy to shape and cure the clay on on cardboard cylinders. The embellishments were made using Wilton fondant molds. After curing, I antiqued the sleeves with paint, markers, and gilder's paste. 

To complete the transformation, I removed the twist-off plastic lids from the tubs and replaced them with a few layers of tulle salvaged from a shower pouf, attached with a rubber band. Just slide the sleeve over the tub, and you're set to go!  When the scent block is gone, just buy a new tub and reuse the sleeve. Now I don't have to look for hiding places for my air fresheners any more! 

This basic idea could be adapted to go in any room with any décor. Wouldn't it be fun to make them for a baby's room? And what a great place for an air freshener!

Thanks for visiting the Polymer Chef blog! I plan to update it often and share ideas whenever they pop into my head.

Talk to you soon,



  1. Nice! Such a great idea and it looks great.Totally love it.

    1. Thanks Sandra! I hope you have fun making some of these.

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