Sunday, October 25, 2015

October Projects from the Polymer Clay TV Design Team  

Here are the Halloween-themed projects I've made with the cool tools that Polymer Clay TV shared with the design team this month. There was an amazing variety of molds, cutters, and even a die-cut hutch shrine kit!

I really had fun with the easy-to-assemble Bat-Wing Halloween Hutch Shrine Kit. It's intended to display artist trading cards, but mine showcases a Halloween vignette featuring a jack-o-lantern made from one of PCTV's molds and some related objects I've collected. I covered the Masonite surfaces with scrap-booking paper and gold paint.

Skeletons in the Closet

The grouping at the left was made using three of PCTV's molds. I then cut the pieces, fitted them together, and added a single backing and bail to create a unique pendant. Two more ghosts add an extra BOO! factor to the finished beaded necklace, shown below. The flowers on the skull and on the hutch were made with the same mini-cutters used in last month's projects.

I've really been enjoying wearing this necklace. It draws a lot of attention!

 Check back here soon to see November's projects, which will feature some beautiful fall leaves.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Polymer Clay Adventure 2016 

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I'm excited to be teaching in the yearlong online retreat, Polymer Clay Adventure 2016. Last year's painting workshop was a lot of fun for me and seemed to be popular with the participants.

This year, I'll be showing everyone how to make an all-polymer hollow vessel using a raw potato as an armature. Sounds "Polymer Chef-y," doesn't it? I'll show you how to make the two different shapes shown here and how to create the surface treatment, which I call the "bubble stripe."

If vessels aren't your thing, you might still enjoy learning the bubble stripe to use in jewelry projects.

Register today and you may be eligible to win a goody bag from the organizers of the retreat. For all of the information--including a teacher-and-project list, testimonials from 2015 students, and much more--click here:

I look forward to chatting with you on the Polymer Clay Adventure forums next year!

Monday, October 12, 2015

More Projects from the Polymer Clay TV Design Team  

Projects for September 

Last month Polymer Clay TV provided Design Team members with some great tools: a large wing mold, a Fleur fancy mold, mini-flower cutters, and butterfly and bloom two-part molds. I had a lot of fun experimenting with them, and I improvised a couple of tools of my own to provide added dimension to the two-sided molds. Best of all,  I found some new ways to use blu-tack!

(For lots more ways to use blu-tack in your projects, see the post for September 2, 2014.)

You can go from here:
To here:
It's simple! Attach cone bead end caps to a ceramic tile with blu-tack. Then use this as a baking rack for flowers made with Polymer Clay TV's two-part mold:

I molded the flowers, added contrasting yellow centers, and then added a green disk to the bottom to help keep the cone bead from poking through when the clay softened in the oven. The disk also adds height to the floral arrangement on the covered tin, shown below.

This tin makes use of the two-sided flower mold and the Fleur Fancy Mold from Polymer Clay TV.  I textured the entire tin (before adding embellishments) with a copper mesh pot scrubber. The pale blue flowers were accented with sapphire-colored alcohol ink before curing and a black marker afterward. Perfect Pearls mica powder was applied to the ornate scroll-work before baking.

To add dimension and variety to butterflies made with the two-part mold, I folded index cards in half and positioned them like little pup-tents on a ceramic tile, using blu-tack (of course). I laid the molded butterflies over the fold in the cards for baking. The butterflies were solid white clay, but the mold created raised areas on both sides that were very easy to color with a black paint marker.

To create the flowers on this wreath, I used Polymer Clay TV's mini-flower cutters in three sizes, stacked the pieces, and embedded a black glass bead in the center with Sculpey Bake & Bond.

 There's nothing better than new tools! Unless it's figuring out how to use them in new ways to make your projects reflect your own personality and vision.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Projects from the Polymer Clay TV Design Team

I'm honored that Ilysa Ginsburg and Kira Slye of Polymer Clay TV have invited me to be on their design team. They generously supply me and the other team members with samples of their cool products each month and ask us to produce two projects using at least two of the tools. This has been so much fun, and now I want to share some of the results with you!

August's Projects

The products for August included some beautiful round, mandala-like rubber stamps, a set of molds with all the letters of the alphabet on bunting-style penants, a fancy scalloped border-cutting set, and a pack of punchinella (a by-product of sequin manufacture that makes a great patterned stencil).

 This whimsical dragon keeps me company in my laundry room.

I patterned his skin by using punchinella stencils and acrylic paint. The scales on his wings were formed with border cutters and accented with metallic paint.

I was flattered that Kira and Ilysa used the above photo in their marketing efforts. The base of this project is a thrift-store frame covered with white polymer, which I texture-stamped and inked. The border cutters created a nice lacy effect. I used the round stamps (and some real ribbon and lollipop sticks) to make baby rattles. But the most fun was creating the bunting with the PCTV molds and some stamping ink!

I'll share the photos of my September projects here very soon!